Real Madrid in good form ahead of their match against Barca

Real Madrid in good form ahead of their match against Barca

Real Madrid in good form ahead of their match against Barca

It was the last time Real Madrid had played a game in their home ground, the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Additionally, it was a surprising night with the game being an El Clasico which was handily won by the Los Blancos, with the last scoreline of 2-0. Vinicius Jr and Mariano Diaz ascended to be the grievous holy people that evening, as the 78,357 fans in the Bernabeu had the chance to not actually settled execution from the majestic whites.

However, little did the fans understood that it would have been the last game to be held at the Bernabeu in 2020, and the fans wouldn’t find the opportunity to see their club playing at the noteworthy football ground. No one could’ve expected that, considering the way that the situation achieved by the COVID-19 pandemic was unnecessarily sudden to the point that football should be ended for quite a while.

Football in Spain kept after relatively few months, yet fans weren’t allowed into the fields, due to which Real Madrid moved their base to the Castilla field, named after one of the best club legends in Alfredo Di Stefano, while the Bernabeu went through a massive cost and time-taking makeover. Additionally, by and by, following 18 months, Real Madrid will play against Celta Vigo on Sunday, the twelfth of September, and football is finally going to return to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

Things have changed a ton in these eighteen months. A record-breaking boss has been superseded by another incredible executive who helped Real Madrid win a significant 10th Champions League title. The best officer all through the whole presence of the club has left Madrid, and his place has been taken over by another long-serving player. The backline isn’t something almost identical, and shockingly the presence of the field isn’t something basically the same.

Various things have changed, but there are a couple of things that haven’t changed with time, which are the Madridistas’ friendship for the club, and the never-say-never demeanor of the players and the fans. The gathering isn’t settled forever to rule each match that comes coming, and another test on the way will be the LaLiga game against Celta Vigo on Matchday 4. So let us look at the avocations for why Real Madrid will win on their re-appearance of the Santiago Bernabeu.Fans are the establishment of Real Madrid. Not just for Real Madrid, fans are the strength for any football club. Furthermore, in all goodness, football without fans is to some degree depleting. Football is divided without the cheers, jeers, songs, and waving pennants from the stands. The presence of fans is one of the key factors which choose the difference between a home contraption and an away establishment.


Authentic Madrid didn’t have the assistance of fans in the 2020/21 season, and this season they have played before fans for three games. Notwithstanding, all of those games was an away mechanical assembly, where Real Madrid were presented to a huge load of jeers from the adversary fans. The club did very well to win 7 out of 9 concentrations in hostile conditions, yet as of now they will finally get some home assistance from their fans, with essentially 60% of the field expected to be stacked up with fans.

For a fan-had club with a tremendous fanbase spread across different locales of the planet, this is without a doubt an interesting second and the club will put forth a fair attempt to fulfill the fans with a splendid result, with added motivation from the stands.

We will again will hear the Hala Madrid y Nada Mas tune while the players leave onto the pitch. We will see the field have hollering the scorer’s name when a goal is scored by Real Madrid. Besides, the fans will counter any time-wasting system of the opponents with persistent whistling. Football is well and truly back to the Bernabeu.We haven’t seen a huge load of the new Real Madrid this season to thoroughly condemn Carlo Ancelotti’s methodologies. So far we got the opportunity to see only two pre-season games and three LaLiga games, with a little pack of standard starters out uninvolved. It would be too early to ensure this gathering as a unit that can win a high pitch, but the hidden signs have been outstandingly sure.



One can without a doubt see that this Real Madrid isn’t more stressed over grasping the ball. Taking everything into account, they’re more revolved around winning the ball certifiable quick and dispatching lightning-fast counter-attacks. There’s an obvious decline in the level passing, with verticality recuperating its lost perceptible quality. Without a doubt, even while carefully guarded, there’s an obvious change in the way of thinking with the ball being passed around real rapid, and there’s a tendency that the gathering is accessible to the chance of overcommitting in the attack.

  • A ton can be understood from Carlo Ancelotti’s appearance and comments after each match as well, with the Italian mentioning a huge load of discipline and effort from players. He’s guaranteeing every player gives his hundred percent on the field, both with and without the ball, with Vinicius’ shows winding up an extraordinary portrayal of the change that Carlo Ancelotti is endeavoring to bring.


  • There are a lot of perils related with these methodologies, as the gathering might be leaned to quick counterattacks from the adversaries. However, there’s a tendency that this gathering might can outscore an adversary. From time to time the football played by the gathering might be astounding, yet it has sorted out some way to yield results.

In addition, this is a brand of football that is enthusiastically esteemed by the aficionados of the Bernabeu. Hitherto this brand of football has been somewhat viable in achieving the results that are mentioned. We can have the conversation about the gathering’s sensitive security, but we can save it for another day and then again pressure leaning more to the attacking methodology, which might be

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